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We support brands that offer high quality, sustainable products. 
From our warehouse to our retailers, we handle with care.


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We are not just a warehouse where we house your goods.


We are a family-owned Canadian Distribution Company, who really cares about representing your Brand within the Canadian market place.


We established ourselves in 2009, always staying true to what has been very important to us; finding and representing Brands & Companies who design safe, thoughtfully, responsibly made products that our Canadian retail partners are searching to bring into their retail spaces.


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Supplier Testimonials



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I’ve been working with Monarch Distributing since 2009 and I have always found Monarch to be hard-working and loyal. Monarch Distributing has always taken very good care of our brand and made sure it was represented in the best baby stores throughout Canada. Over the years, Monarch & I have become 'business friends' as well.


- Anne-Dorthe Schroeder, Founder of Natursutten®

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Since 2008, I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful company that pays close attention to the brands they bring into the Canadian market. For Monarch, not only is the product important, but who owns the product is just as important; the "why" behind each and every brand is key. Monarch is one of the nicest companies you will ever come across and that's the experience that you want retailer clients to have too!  


- Leeanne Bayley-Hay, Owner of Pickney Gear

Our Retailers

We represent over 300 Canadian Retail Stores across Canada, from small Boutiques, Brick and Mortar stores, Online Stores, Pharmacies, Gift Stores, including larger establishments such as Well.ca and Indigo.



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We would love to speak to you about representing your Brand in Canada.


We are hardworking, enthusiastic, strive to work with integrity, customer service being top of mind, we are here to represent your brand.


We know you are hard at work building your brand, let us help you by getting representation in Canadian retail stores.



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